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Sound & Object is a record label from Germany and Canada. We are working to release interesting music for both the club and and home listening. We believe in music as both sound and the object. Our story will be told through a series of vinyl, CDs, digital files, artwork, photography and video.



RDMA - Little J's Poem

RDMA ⋅ Little J's Poem

S&O_005 ⋅ Digital ⋅ 2016-09-30

“Like viewing a city through a car's rain splattered window, Little J's Poem is full of mood and colours. Serene, distant, colourful or disorientating, often reflecting your own feelings back at you. Turn a corner and the a new scene unfolds.

RDMA has created the same feeling with this EP. Each of the tracks settles into a groove — follow the shifting hazy pads if that is where your mood takes you, or the bright synths that play around the edges. The rhythms are lively and meditative if you want to dance or just want to watch the pattern. Turn a corner and see what is next.”



Mastering: Taylor Deupree at 12k Mastering

May - 30 Segundos

May ⋅ 30 Segundos

S&O_007 ⋅ 12" Vinyl ⋅ 2016-06-27

“For the second vinyl we are excited to have Argentinean artist May and her EP 30 Segundos.

30 Segundos captures the spirit of summertime house music. When the sun is out, we shake off remnants of winter malaise. The light changes, skies open, horizons widen, the body warms. And our perspectives shift. You look up and see distance, every second a lifetime.

Each track offers a slightly different view on house music. The title track is bright and energetic, where drums and synths tumble forward. Cometa pushes the bassline to the forefront driving track forward while the synths and percussion dance around it. On the B side Leonel Castillo remixes the title track into 9 minutes of shimmering, propulsive house music.”

Also available on Bandcamp.


Mastering: Taylor Deupree at 12k Mastering
Illustration: Sarah Stein

Timmy - Vamo' Paco

Timmy ⋅ Vamo' Paco

S&O_004 ⋅ Digital ⋅ 2016-02-12

“Light reflects and refracts off water, painting a sparkling pattern moving across the ceiling. Rounding a corner, you are momentarily blinded by the sun.

There is a bright, sharp feeling to Vamo' Paco — with stuttering layered melodies that play off a classic house shuffle. Both tracks have a jazzy undercurrent, Timmy develops a more energetic feeling with the title track and in Onyre pushes towards a deeper dreamier mood.”

Available as MP3 or WAV.

Also available on Bandcamp.


Mastering: Taylor Deupree at 12k Mastering
Illustration: Sarah Stein

Area - Forbidden Plateau

Area ⋅ Forbidden Plateau

S&O_003 ⋅ 12" Vinyl ⋅ 2015-09-18

“For the first vinyl release on Sound & Object we are thrilled to have Chicago resident Area bring us the EP Forbidden Plateau.

In Forbidden Plateau Area is able to create a mood of equal parts confident swagger and tentative emotion. Rich pads, loping piano melodies and robust rhythms swirl and mix to land somewhere between house and techno. The 3 original tracks - and a remix from Mikaere - create an EP that is full of space, details, bright edges and dark corners all framed by lively beats.”

Also available on Bandcamp.


Mastering: Taylor Deupree at 12k Mastering
Illustration: Sarah Stein

G.U.A - Suppose

G.U.A. ⋅ Suppose

S&O_002 ⋅ Digital ⋅ 2015-08-26

G.U.A offers up Suppose — 3 gentle contemplative tracks for the second release on Sound & Object. The tracks sit somewhere between house, techno and minimal. The first two tracks build crisp percussive skeletons that let melodies and synth washes to hang over. The third track is a Mikaere remix of the title track — where he adds textures and piano to give a slightly more deep house feel to the original.

Suppose gives you a chance to relax and consider the world around you...”

Available as MP3 or WAV.

Also available on Bandcamp.

G.U.A: G.U.A on Facebook

Mastering: Taylor Deupree at 12k Mastering

Mikaere - Passeriform

Mikaere ⋅ Passeriform

S&O_001 ⋅ Digital ⋅ 2015-06-15

“For the first EP on Sound & Object, Mikaere brings us two tracks of wistful deep house with Passeriform. The title is a slight alteration of a term used for bird classification, usually referred to as perching birds, and each track named after a bird within this group.

Both tracks are wrapped in a hazy wash, and remind one of time spent watching birds move against a washed out blue sky while the world slips away becoming a barely audible buzzing...”

Available as MP3 or WAV.

Also available on Bandcamp.


Mastering: Taylor Deupree at 12k Mastering
Illustration: Sarah Stein